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Order your loofahs online now.

The Sugar Shop has introduced the first complete range of sugaring products, specifically designed for men for home use.

Purchase these items from our shop or order online. 

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Exfoliation is the key to keeping the skin smooth conditioned and free of in growing hairs. When it comes to exfoliation, the qualities of the natural loofah are second to none.

There are two types of loofah`s planted worldwide, Egyptian and Asian. The Egyptian loofah's are richer in fibre, feeling fluffy and spongey. They have no ridges along the sides and therefor don`t split open. The Asian loofa's are flat, ridged and rough. Also, the longitudal ridges in the Asian loofah makes it split open after a few uses.

The Sugar Shop's loofa`s are planted and grown in Egypt.

£ 3.50

Size 17.5Cm x 10cm approx.


Shower Champ 


It`s size fits perfectly in the hand. Gives a fluffy resiliant sensation when used, great for all over.

Supplied with a cotton hanging loop.


£ 7.50

Loofah Size 15cm x 13cm approx
End to end with handle 30cm approx


Body scrub loofah with wooden handle

This loofah is perfect for reaching all over the back and legs easily. Supplied with hanging rope to make it easy to hang up and dry between use.

With it's 'draw and tie' fixing method, you will never have to worry about the loofah coming off the stick. No synthetic adhesives are used. When we say these are natural products, we mean it.

Loofah measurements 15cmx13cm approx. End to end with handle 30cm approx.

Replacement loofah heads can be purchased also from The Sugar Shop.


£ 8.50

Loofah Size 40cm x 10cm approx.

Handles adjustable


Back scrub Loofah with rope handles


This is made of several loofah cut's sown together, so when wet, each pad will expand, giving the scrubbing surface 4 curves. This will allow our back scrub to be in close contact will all curvatures of your body. 



To maintain your loofah!

Always rinse your shower gel out of the loofah after use and hang it up to dry on the shower head or somewhere. It's best if the loofah can dry out between uses.  The loofah a natural plant and needs to be treated with care.

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