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Sugaring Treatment Methods

The Sugar Shop specialises in the removal of body hair for men. All therapists have been trained and certified in the art of sugaring.

Sugaring is the most natural and ancient method of hair removal, practised by the Egyptians for over 2000 years, long enough to prove its effectiveness and safety. A simple mixture of sugar, lemon and water is applied to the area of skin and with a gentle flick, the sugar is removed from the body taking the hair and the root with it. There are two methods of sugaring.

Sugar Shop Hair Removal by Hand Sugaring

Hand Sugaring
This is the original Egyptian technique great for getting into awkward curvy areas of the body like ears etc. A thick sugar paste is applied and removed with the fingers taking the hair and root with it. 

Sugar Shop Hair Removal by Strip Sugaring

Strip Sugaring
The more modern, strip sugaring method. A fast and effective technique to remove body hair. A thin layer of sugar based paste is applied with a spatula. A cloth strip is laid over the paste and then removed, taking the sugar, hair and root with it. 

  • The Sugar Shop combines both methods to ensure best possible results for each body part.
  • Showering facilities are available for those dashing off to their next engagement.


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